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Your Water Software Suite

As new technologies erupt in the market it gets more and more difficult to keep up with competitors, ever more demanding consumers and overall industry trends.

GoAigua was born out of a desire to supply the market of water treatment and distribution with the tools it was lacking to reach its fullest potential.

Everything from IoT sensorization, Digital Twin creation, Smart Metering platforms and demand forecasting tools comes together in this Software Suite.

Our products grant their user the ability to drive efficiency to levels previously thought impossible, reduce both maintenance and consumption costs as well as, through the adaptability of our systems, remain aware to any potential new technologies that might emerge in the future.


Through careful and continuous measuring of the productive process our products guarantee an increment in the overall efficiency of the water treatment/distribution system.

direct savings

Be it cutting energy consumption, through demand/supply optimisation or the reduction of both maintenance and inefficiency costs the systems will reduce expenditures to its optimal level.


All of our software share a common layer of Big Data processing to which they can easily connect thereby building on one another, simplifying the data-sharing process.

availability of information

Thanks to the centralisation of the BI information (demand forecasting, efficiency of process...) on common platforms the user has continuous access to the business information.

Our Experience, your Security

Through our many years in both the water management and the software developing businesses we have realised the true power of experience, not just to perform according to expectations, but to offer a sense of security and professionality that new players simply cannot match. To this day it remains our greatest asset.

Guarantee of Transparency

Be it through continuously opened communication channels, sincere analysis of the situations and the needs of your company as well as a professional business relationship we extend to our clients the utmost transparency of the processes as well as the reassurance of knowing your projects and data are in good hands.

Our commitment to the world

Water is too precious a resource to be wasted by inefficient systems, as the future presents us with the hardest challenges and the planet warns us of its scarcity we have claimed as our duty to address its flagrant waste. Our systems offer a more efficient today, with which we will afford a better tomorrow.

About us

Go:Aigua is composed of a medium-sized group of talented and motivated individuals relentless on developing the applications for a better future. 

Our mission

Here at Go:Aigua we embrace the uncertainty of what is to come, we let it motivate us to develop tools previously thought impossible to take the water management industry to its peak level of efficiency

Our Commitment to you

  • Peak Optimal Efficiency of your Systems
  • Expenditure and Demand forecasting and optimisation.
  • A feeling of Security, Professionality and Reassurance throughout the entire process.
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